Just pure nuts & fats - nothing else!

  • made from food grade ingredients
  • hi energy, hi protein
  • soft and tender for little beaks
  • individually handmade on our Shropshire farm

Ever wondered why you don't see the ingredients on some bird foods?  That's because some bird food contains crushed dog biscuits and even sawdust!  Our premium bird food is made with just premium mixed nuts and pure fats.

Ever wondered why some fat balls are left?  That's because they're  "hard-boiled" - but they're too hard for little beaks to peck at.  Our Awesome Nutty Logs and Nutty Cups are warmed gently when we make them.  This means that they stay soft and tender for little beaks.

Come and choose from our range of Premium garden bird food . . .

Premium Nutmeal for scattering upon bird tables or on the patio or ground

Nutty Logs - a solid log of tasty nuts and fat complete with wire feeder, refills available too

Nutty Cups with a handy string for hanging from a branch, post or fence

Jumbo Cups - the Truly Awesome version of our Nutty Cups!


Give your Garden Birds the very best!